Why you need pest control in DC

Homes and businesses around the Washington DC area are prone to a number of household pests. Insects, such as termites and bedbugs can cause an infestation that can lead to damage to the property and health problems for the inhabitants. Rodents can get into the walls and chew on insulation and wiring that can lead to fires. They also can carry disease that is transmittable to humans.

When a building is believed to have pests, the best thing to do is call for help. Pest control companies will know how to identify any form of infestation that a customer may have. They will then be able to decide on the correct course of action to take to remove the problem.

Their first step will likely be to inspect the building or area that is infested. They will search for how the offending creature gained access and take steps to block the route. These entry points can be small gaps in weather stripping or holes in the caulk where cable and power lines enter. Most of the entry points will be things that the customer would overlook, but that the professional has been trained to spot.

When they have closed off the pathways being used by the pests, they will be able to start taking care of the infestation. They will customize the solution to the needs of the property. For most common pests, this includes making repeated visits until the problem is thoroughly eradicated. In most cases this can be done in as few as two or three visits.

Pest control companies often offer exterior services as well. Things like mosquitos, bees and ants can ruin the outdoors for many people. Fleas and ticks live in tall grass and weeds, while the mosquitos are attracted to the damp, cool areas. They are all known to carry diseases that can infect humans, such as the West Nile virus and Lyme Disease. By careful preventative measures, the risks from these pests are lessened.

Most pest control companies offer barrier services that can keep them under control. By having a professional treat areas that they are likely to breed and live in on a regular basis, these pests will not bother anyone during the prime summer months. Most barrier services require a monthly treatment to remain effective and keep the insect population low. If year round coverage is not needed, some companies offer a treatment that is effective for a specific event. For instance, if an outside party is planned, the customer would have them come a few days prior to apply a treatment. This will allow an otherwise unused area to be readied.

Larger Pests can also be a problem in many areas around Washington DC. Raccoons, squirrels and even birds can decide to move into the crawlspace and under porches. For these wildlife problems live traps are often used. The traps are set and baited in the areas where the animals are nesting. Once they are caught, the professionals will remove them and determine the heath of the animals. Healthy ones are often taken and released in remote areas far from human inhabitants. The control company will usually offer minor carpentry services to close the entry point that the animals used.

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